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Like many, a young man had a dream of attending one of the Big Ten’s finest educational institutions. He worked hard to prepare. And by his senior year in high school, he was ready.

That’s when a rare cancer intruded.

Alex Powell understood that his life was now about quality, not quantity. He was determined to pack as much adventure and enlightenment into his remaining days as his energy would allow.

He knew he couldn’t do it alone. And that’s when Michigan State University’s Resource Center for Persons With Disabilities stepped in. RCPD, just like its University of Michigan counterpart, Services for Students with Disabilities, makes an exceptional educational experience accessible to anyone with the desire and the intellect for academic success. RCPD created a supportive environment where Alex could fully enjoy his college experience, despite the inevitable decline of his powers.

Alex was able to report to classes as a Spartan while taking trips to the University of Michigan to receive cancer treatment at the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

When Alex Powell passed away, his family was determined to create a tradition that would honor his memory and support the organizations that have helped thousands of students become Spartans and Wolverines, despite what others might define as a disability.

That’s how Alex’s Great State Race came to be.  Mark your calendar for Friday, October 6th, to follow the MSU and U-M ROTC cadets as they run the game ball from MSU to U-M. And as you do, consider supporting RCPD and SSD.

Programs for persons with disabilities struggle with the same funding issues that are a fact of life for all of our institutions of higher education. Budgets are tight and forward movement depends on men and women of vision who are willing to invest their time, talent and treasure in support of this crucial student service.

It is our hope that the story of Alex’s life and the dedication of these amazing groups of ROTC cadets will inspire you to get involved.