What does AGSR mean to you?

“In honor of Alex Powell, AGSR is a fantastic opportunity to do something that has an impact for those in our communities – specifically students with disabilities!”

“It instills a sense of pride as a participant and promotes unity between the two Universities. It’s an important event, and I appreciate being a part of it.”

“For me, AGSR is a valuable opportunity to build esprit de corps with my fellow cadets while honoring and celebrating Alex Powell’s legacy. We often call AGSR ‘the game ball run,’ but it’s so much more than just running footballs between Ann Arbor and East Lansing! Coming together with our rival school’s ROTC program to support an important cause really gives me a sense of being part of something much larger than myself and I’ll remember that experience years after I graduate.”

“All other 364 days of the year UM and MSU are rivals but for this 1 day we put aside our differences and come together for a cause we can all get behind! Alex had connections to both universities and keeping his memory alive is something we all owe, regardless of affiliation.”

“Being part of AGSR was a great experience to bring myself closer to those in the program and to challenge myself while honoring the life of someone who made an impact in their community.”

“To me, being a part of AGSR means remembering we are all one army and we’re ultimately all on the same team.”

What is your favorite part about AGSR?

“The bond we all feel during and after running so many miles is definitely my favorite part of AGSR!”

“I enjoy the camaraderie I feel when running with fellow cadets. We embrace the suck together.”

“It was surprising how fun running 7+ miles was, the spirit of the event and the other cadets made the distance feel so much shorter.”

“The cumulative effort and team spirit.”

Thank you…

“Thank you to the Powell family for continuing Alex’s legacy through such an incredibly fun and charitable event.”

“I want to thank MSU ROTC for doing this with us and for continuing this tradition.”

“Thank you to all of the sponsors and partners, like Dean Trailways and Bruegger’s Bagels, whose generosity makes this event possible!”

“Thank you to each individual that decides to participate and dedicate their time in this event.”

“Thank you to LTC Dye and LTC DeGeorge for keeping this event going for the last few years despite the logistical challenges.”

“Thank you to UMich AROTC for giving me the opportunity to participate, and thank you to the lovely organizers of AGSR for putting on such a fun and memorable event!”